Chicago Theological Seminary Creates “White Privilege Glasses”

The Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) has launched a new campaign aimed at getting white people to put on what they call “white privilege glasses” in order to see the world the way black people see it.

In a video produced by CTS, a white man is seen conversing with a black couple at a coffee shop about white privilege. The white man doesn’t understand what white privilege is and why it’s such a big deal. The black couple hand him a pair of what look like 3D glasses, with a red and green lens. They allow the white man to see the world the way it looks to black people.

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Before he puts them on, he sees a white woman who looks happy and kind. But when he puts the glasses on and looks at her, she immediately turns suspicious and avoids eye contact with him.

At a convenience store, the white man sees a white employee who greets him nicely. But when he looks at the employee through his white privilege glasses, the employee immediately becomes suspicious and wants to make sure the white guy isn’t stealing anything.

On their website, CTS sells shirts and other merchandise. One shirt reads, “If you don’t think racism exists, you’re white.”

The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright are both notable alumni of the Chicago Theological Seminary. Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded an honorary doctorate from the seminary.

In 2006, the seminary launched the LGBTQ Religious Studies Center, which they describe as a “theological think tank and resource for activists” which “encourages new conversations and offers new hope.”

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