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Chicago Swamp about to Be Drained! [VIDEO]

credit: Richard

Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” will include the corrupt Chicago swamp along with the corruption in our capital.

The Chicago swamp saturates and is saturated by the swamp in Washington, DC, that Donald Trump promised to drain. For eight years, the city’s corruptocrats have been at the heart of the ruling regime over the executive branch of our Federal government.

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Thus, Donald Trump’s victory means a major crisis for the Chicago swamp and Illinois. A recent story in Bloomberg Politics, confirms this. It begins:

Chicago is racing the clock.

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Nowhere will political power evaporate more dramatically at noon on Jan. 20 than in the third-largest U.S. city, a bastion of Democratic power that’s enjoyed special access to Washington during President Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House.

When Donald Trump becomes the 45th president, Chicago will trade a first family and top advisers with deep ties to the city for a chief executive who has repeatedly called it a violent mess embodying the failed policies of his predecessor and the Democratic Party.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is urgently seeking $1.1 billion in federal grants to renovate mass-transit lines. The city and state of Illinois are trying for $110 million in U.S. Department of Transportation grants for grade-crossing improvements to speed trains through the nation’s busiest rail hub. They also want federal financing for improvements to Union Station, a downtown landmark.

That’s interesting because not only is Emanuel grotesquely liberal, but he has promised to actively resist Trump’s enforcement of immigration law.

For eight years, Democrat politicians knew that the President had their back. They could get away with just about anything and expect favors from the federal government, either in looking the other way while they flouted immigration law or when they needed a grant to spend on themselves.

What that means is that the Trump Revolution isn’t just Federal or global (as I have argued), it also extends to local politics and local politicians. This won’t require President Trump to do anything to Democrats in the Chicago swamp or elsewhere. It is the result of growing dependence on having a sugar daddy in the Oval Office and the arrogant expectation of a sugar mommy for the next eight years.

Now, they’re suddenly racing the clock to get the last drops of federal favoritism.

The real reason this story is so important is that Illinois is to the U.S. what Greece is to the E.U. As I wrote awhile back, Chicago school pension insolvency should concern all Americans “because this is another economic sinkhole of corruption and debt, like some Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico, that are going to be the North American equivalent of Greece.” Illinois income inequality is going to lead to a demand for a bailout. Bloomberg admits:

The state’s lost power comes as Illinois faces a budget standoff and fiscal crisis that have triggered dismissals at universities, left $9 billion in unpaid bills and cut into services for the poor. Investors are demanding yields about 2.2 percentage points higher for 10-year Illinois debt compared with benchmark securities.

One of my big fears for Donald Trump is that when the Obama recession hits, the media will try to pin it on Trump. But there would also be an opportunity for Trump to massively damage the financial base of the Democrats. When Chicago demands a bailout, Trump should remember what Gerald Ford said to New York (in the minds of the media): “Drop dead.”

Sadly, Ford caved.

Hopefully, Trump won’t make that mistake.

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