Chicago Preparing for Surprising NFL Protest During 2017 Kickoff Today

The NFL has been shown to be in serious trouble over the course of the past two seasons, and things don’t look to be improving anytime soon for the beleaguered league.

The league, which in the not so distant past looked likely to eclipse Major League Baseball in bragging rights for Americans’ enthusiasm, has taken a massive hit in the past 24 months, thanks in no small part to their odd choice to allow politics to take center stage.

While media entities such as ESPN have slowly turned into soap opera recap shows of the lives of players off the field, much of what that network has been espousing falls in line with divisive terror groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  The most egregious of these examples is the amount of time and energy that the network has spent working on stories surrounding Colin Kaepernick, the unemployed, second string quarterback who became a liberal sensation last year by spending the entire season lambasting law enforcement.

Kaepernick’s famous protest move, kneeling during the National Anthem, has spread like wildfire throughout a league chock full of man-children who realized early on that ESPN would reward them with coverage, by name, should they also participate in the police protest.  No matter what they did between the first and last whistles, these overpaid brutes could still find themselves in the headlines simply by disrespecting the American flag in the pregame ceremony.

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Now that Kaepernick is out of the league, due solely to his inability to compete at the professional level, a number of those who latched on to his twisted world view are furious, and have threatened to boycott the NFL should the poor-playing punk not wind up signed to a team in 2017.  (Oddly enough, another boycott is ongoing due to the NFL’s unwillingness to punish those who disrespect the flag, spelling major trouble for the league overall).

The pro-Kaepernick cretins will be in Chicago today to have their demands heard.

“The protest, expected to draw anywhere from 200-500 people, has been dubbed the Standing 4 Kaepernick Protest-Chicago, by organizers. The protesters hope to eventually help Kaepernick land a job by continuing to draw attention to, what they perceive to be, the racial and political injustices that have kept him out of the league.

“The event will be another in a series of pro-Kaepernick rallies. The most recent of which, a large demonstration held in front of the NFL’s New York City offices. An event which gained massive media attention, took place right under the watchful eye of NFL Commissioner roger Goodell, and still, failed to land Colin Kaepernick a job.”

Roger Goodell’s time as commissioner of the NFL will likely go down in history as one of the most ineffective of all time.

Not only has Goodell been chastised for his inability to maintain discipline within the league, especially as it pertains to the Kaepernick-instigated issues, but his decisions regarding the New England Patriots’ numerous cheating scandals has drawn the ire of NFL fans everywhere.

With Roger Goodell at the helm, it is unlikely that the NFL will regain their former glory anytime soon.

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