Chicago Newspaper Picks Fight With Trump Over Obama Gun Order

If there was one subject that the city of Chicago would be foolish to lecture anyone on, it would certainly be gun control.

The Windy City has been buried in an epidemic of gun violence for the past thirty-five years thanks to a foolishly implemented handgun ban that only served to prove true the old adage “if you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns”.  Now, as the city becomes the morbid laughingstock of the entire nation due to their unacceptable inability to curb violent crime, President Trump has offered to send federal authorities to the city to enforce law and order.

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Concurrently, Trump has been working to reverse several Obama-era executive orders pertaining to, among other things, gun control.  Somehow, someone at the Chicago Defender thought it prudent to attempt to school the President on the subject.


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“The paper alleges that Trump, and other presidents, should have to present their executive orders for a vote so that the orders can gain approval before being implemented.

“The Chicago Defender zeroes in on the repeal of Obama’s Social Security gun bansaying, ‘One of the first regulations that Trump opposed was Obama’s executive order on gun control. Obama made it mandatory that information be released on those who are mentally ill and included in background checks, making it impossible for those with certain diagnoses to buy guns.’ The Defender continues, ‘With all the senseless killing, including those of infants and children done by those who are mentally ill, a more strict gun policy would be effective, but Trump nullified Obama’s rule.’

“Missing from the Defender’s coverage is the fact that the repeal of the Social Security gun ban was not an executive order. Rather, it was legislation that was passed by the House on February 2 and the Senate on February 15. Trump signed it into law on February 28.”

The idea of having executive orders voted on completely nullifies the proper use of an executive order.

Chicago may be too stubborn for the help that they need in terms of their handgun problem, and that is a shame.  What was once a city rife with culture and American ingenuity has become a hallowed ground of violence and failed democratic policy on the eastern edge of our nation’s heartland.


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