Chemist Says Gap in Understanding Life and How it Began is Too Wide to Cross

When and how did life begin? It is a question that many have sought to answer. And for a majority of people who have passed through the halls of higher education, the answer is from chemical reactions. But, this has become harder and harder to believe the more we learn of the complexity of life.

Many have said that the math simply does not work for there to be life. Not just life on earth, but life anywhere. And now a chemist has stated that the gap in understanding of life and how it began is too wide to cross.

Christian News reports

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An illustrious chemist who has previously shed light on critical shortcomings in scientists’ understanding of evolution has written a detailed essay explaining “the massive gaps in our understanding” of how life first originated.

Dr. James Tour is a professor of chemistry, computer science, and materials science and nanoengineering at Rice University. He has written over 590 research publications and over 100 patents, and he is the recipient of numerous scientific awards.

Tour deals with the origin of the simplest molecules and notes that scientists have no idea from where they came from or how they came to be. Even today as many study and work with these molecules, they do so not understanding the great pain and design that has gone into the synthesizing process they take for granted.

Christian News continues

“Under prebiotic conditions the reaction in question is not likely to yield anything useful. With each added step, difficulties are compounded by improbabilities so overwhelming that no other field of science would depend upon such levels of faith,” he wrote. “Abiogenesis research would never be accepted in any other area of chemistry. The field is its own best enemy.”

This truth is not a new discovery. Christian scientists have been saying this for years but are shut out of the conversation. Maybe if more men and women like Tour will bravely speak the truth about this wildly unprovable theory, we can get down to a serious discussion about the origin of the universe.

I have provided a video that explains the vast impossibility that life came into being by chance alone.

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