Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Continues Obvious Grooming For Clinton Throne

It has long been obvious that Hillary Clinton is in no shape to every again hold elected office, but the Clinton crime family simply isn’t ready to give up the ghost.

During the election of 2016 it became painfully obvious to Americans that Hillary Clinton, the democratic deity, was unwell, not only in terms of her physical health but also politically.  The former first lady was often spotted with a bevy of bodyguards supporting her every step as she ascended or descended staircases, with mini seizures and coughing fits caught on camera becoming fodder for some of the more tinfoil-hat types.  Then, on the 15th anniversary of the horrendous September 11th terror attacks, Clinton was rushed away from a remembrance ceremony just in time for the then-democratic candidate for President to collapse into the waiting arms of her security detail.

This frightening incident was quickly brushed off as an undiagnosed case of pneumonia; a diagnosis that has been refuted by medical professionals to this day.

With Hillary certainly unable to take a stab at the White House in 2020, and the DNC in utter shambles, playing the next presidential contest close to the chest is the only hope the democrats have of preserving their party.  Enter Chelsea Clinton, the dopey, doe-eyed spawn of Hillary and her adulterous husband Bill.

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The former first daughter has been increasingly available to the press in recent months, and has coincidentally ratcheted up her vocal stance on several fronts, leading many to believe that the youngest in the Clinton regime is being groomed for greatness.

“‘Well, last year when I was campaigning for my mom — I think really up until my due date with Aidan and then being on the stage at the convention so proud to support her there just a few weeks after he was born — I did so many events for my mom,’ Clinton said. ‘And I had a chance to share my thoughts publicly in those forums. I did lots of interviews. And now I continue to share my views after the inauguration.’

“’I don’t think what I say today is any different than what I would say had I been asked similar questions or similar issues kind of on the stage,’ she continued. ‘But certainly, I think we all have a responsibility to not stay silent now. I think we all have to speak up and use whatever platforms we have now and certainly, social media is part of that.’”

The so-called “resistance” to Donald Trump has been a central theme of the leftist New Fascist movement for months now, with Hillary, and now Chelsea, playing up their nonexistent roles in the barely-there millennials’ club.

It is unbelievable to consider, at this moment, that the left would again run a Clinton against an assumed reelection campaign of Donald Trump, but they have certainly proven themselves capable of much more abstract planning in the past.  While it is still a long way off until the 2020 races begin, expect to see Chelsea Clinton grow suddenly old and wise between then and now, with the telltale globalist inflection of her criminal parents invading her every motif and motive in the next 2 years.

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