Check Out the Awesome Highlight Reel of President Trump’s First Trip Abroad

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The White House has just done something amazing and put together a highlight reel of President Trump’s first trip abroad as President. Yes, I said “highlight reel,” like in professional sports.

The short video covers all of the high’s and none of the low’s of the President’s first multi-nation trip as President and proves that this administration is not handling their business the way previous administrations have.

Over the course of 2 and 1/2 minutes the White House plays back what was an incredibly successful trip that has many of our allies cheering America’s resurgence onto the world stage.

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Over at the New York Post, Michael Goodwin has more on President Trump’s amazing trip abroad.

He was clear, concise and disciplined. Those were the key ingredients that created a striking success for President Trump in his first foreign trip.

If he can bottle that recipe and start each day in the Oval Office with a big gulp of it, his presidency gets a renewed chance to live up to its promises.

Trump’s clarity on the global stage was a reminder of why he was elected. Much as he did in the campaign on his best days, he cut through the BS to get to the heart of contentious issues and offer forceful solutions.

Under enormous scrutiny, he acted in the best traditions of American leadership on two continents by helping create a Muslim NATO to combat radical Islamists and by pushing the original NATO to face terrorism and financial facts.

Throughout the weeklong trip, which also included a substantive, friendly meeting with the pope and tense negotiations over trade and climate change, Trump showed the message discipline too often missing in the White House. And he did it without sacrificing his core convictions or puckish personality.

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