Charlottesville Confederate Monuments Get Black Tarp Censorship

It seems as though the radical left is winning in their fight to revise the American historical record between 1860 and 1865.

After the Battle of Charlottesville, a number of misguided millennial mobs have descended upon the United States, demanding that any public displays that reference the Confederacy of the American Civil War be abolished, demolished, or otherwise destroyed.

In the ensuing days we have seen Baltimore tear their statutes out in the middle of the night, followed by the University of Texas.  In addition, radical leftists in Atlanta mistakenly vandalized a peace monument in a downtown park, and statue toppling twerps in North Carolina simply ruined history for the chance to take a great selfie.

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This horrific historical revision has been sweeping the nation, thanks to an incessant stoking by the mainstream media whose ratings rely on the conflict that these issues create.

Now, back where this latest row began in Charlottesville, Confederate memorials are getting the body bag treatment.

“Workers in Charlottesville draped giant black covers over two statues of Confederate generals on Wednesday to symbolize the city’s mourning for a woman killed while protesting a white nationalist rally.

“The work began around 1 p.m. in Emancipation Park, where a towering monument of Gen. Robert E. Lee on horseback stands. Workers gathered around the monument with a large black drape. Some stood in cherry-pickers and others used ropes and poles to cover the statue as onlookers took photos and video. Some of the crowd cheered as the cover was put in place.

“’It’s great. It’s a good start,’ said Jamie Dyer, who spoke a short time later from nearby Justice Park, where workers covered a statue of Gen. Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. ‘They do have to go, but it is a start, and I’m glad the city has finally recognized it has to happen on some level.’

“Later Wednesday, local media reported that a man with a gun strapped to his leg approached the Lee statue and began cutting the tarp with a knife.

“Police asked him to stop, and he complied. He addressed reporters and bystanders, saying he thought it was illegal under state law to cover a war memorial and that doing so amounted to erasing history.”

American liberals are in serious need of a lesson on history and adulthood.

These snowflake social “justice” warriors need to end their ridiculous anti-history bend immediately.  Not only has the entire nation realized that their antics are nothing more than a cry for attention, but now they are completely ruining the future of our great nation by pretending that this conflict never existed.

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