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Charlotte City Council Cancels Meeting to Discuss Transgender Bathroom Issue

There was a highly anticipated Charlotte City Council meeting slated for Monday. It was highly anticipated because there was set discuss the topic of HB2 and what the city wanted to be done about the law.

There has been little that has been most forefront in the minds of North Carolinians over the past several months as HB2. As I reported, there has been much liberal backlash because of this law.
But just before the opening of the meeting, there was a change of plans.

WBTV reports

Late Monday afternoon, the Charlotte City Council said they had removed scheduled talks over North Carolina’s House Bill 2 from their meeting. Instead, the Charlotte Chamber released economic impact on the city.

“The HB2 item on the Charlotte City Council agenda for Monday, May 23, 2016 has been removed from the agenda. There will be no action item on HB2 tonight,” a statement from officials read.

There is really no clear reason given for the change. But one has to wonder if the council and the mayor felt that they would not have received the public response they were expecting.

WBTV continued

WBTV asked Mayor Roberts and Councilmembers about the last minute change minutes after it was announced.

“It was decided after many conversations that it would not be helpful and the item was pulled from the agenda,” Roberts said.

This seems even more likely when we consider that the council did allow some to speak on the issue of HB2, and without exception those allowed (10 people) were praising the council for their stand against the state.

But one man was removed from the meeting after seeking to speak out against the council and the ordinance they passed which started this whole thing. Though there has been little said on this front, it seems that there was not given fair time to both sides.

According to WBTV

During the afternoon, there was a number of meetings between opponents of HB2 and the Charlotte City Council. The actual debate was expected to start at 6:15 p.m. before the announcement came that it was taken off the agenda.

Fair and open discussion is not what happened Monday night, and what the council heard leading up to the official debate may have caused them to shut down the opposition. This would fit Liberal tactics.

If they do not agree with you, silence them.

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