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Charleston Restaurant The Scene of Bizarre Active Shooter Situation

The quiet beach community of Charleston, South Carolina is the setting for one of the most bizarre active shooter situations in recent memory.

In what will surely be twisted by the left in order to vilify firearms, a popular downtown restaurant was besieged by a crazed elderly man with a pistol today in Charleston, South Carolina, prompting several residents to immediately flee out the back door as the assailant proclaimed that he was the “King of Charleston”.

At this time, authorities are on the scene, but little information has trickled out to the press after a briefing by several escapees.

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Victims told a bizarre tale of what they believe was a mentally unstable man brandishing a loaded revolver in the eatery.

“Employees working in the area near Virginia’s On King, a Southern cuisine restaurant, said they were on lockdown as authorities swarmed the area. Several people have said the active shooter situation appears to have started within Virginia’s.

“Peter Siegert, 73, and his son Peter Siegert IV, 45, both of Maryland, were eating at Virginia’s when two waitresses and three kitchen staff members marched through the restaurant and out the front door without saying anything.

“An older black man wearing an apron and dressed like a kitchen staff member walked through the front door holding a small caliber revolver. He locked the door and ‘I am the new king of Charleston.’

“He told everyone in the restaurant to get down and move to the back of the building. There were about 30 people dining at the time.

“They herded to the back where there were two side exit doors. They began filtering out, some crawling on all fours.

“’We did not want to give him a good target,’ the younger Siegert said. He apparently was the last person out in the group but did not know if others were still inside.”

The situation in Charleston is currently ongoing.

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