What Are the Chances of Republican Convention Violence?

Between attacks on cops and attacks on Trump supporters, we have to be alert for Republican convention violence.

Why should we be more worried about Republican convention violence than normal? I wondered about that question when I saw this clip on the Fox News YouTube Channel entitled: “How will attacks on police impact the GOP convention?” Unhappily, the video is only concerned about the content of the speeches. I’m wondering about actual security.

Attacks on police should not only affect the message of the convention but also the security of the convention. The reason security needs to be a concern is that we have two trends converging on Donald Trump.

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The more recent trend that might indicate there will be Republican convention violence is the fact that we have, in a few short days, moved from the violence of riotous protests, to outright assassination of police officers. What was unimaginable before has now happened more than once: police officers have been murdered.

The other trend is violence against Trump supporters, in some cases with the willing non-interference by the police and justifications by local government, as well as a lack of condemnation in the media. We have already had one rather ill-planned assassination attempt. As I wrote about the anti-Trump violence in San Jose:

So let’s review.

If the Left gets away with this, it will only get worse. After the French Revolution the reigning terrorist overlords of Paris got juries to sentence innocents to death by making sure the mob knew the identities of jury members. Those jury members knew they would not survive the night if they voted to acquit.

By selectively enforcing the law and selectively protecting citizens from violence, the government can pretend that we have a First Amendment while effectively abolishing it through mob violence. We will have the right to assemble, speak, and vote on paper while the government outsources persecution to a private army of thugs (in most cases, mercenaries who are paid by government benefits).

So why should we be surprised if the violence against Donald Trump escalates into something more sophisticated and deadly the same way violence escalated against cops? After all, the violence is provoked by alleged “racism.” The Liberals have been saying that about Trump for over a year.

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