University Offers Counseling For Students After Seeing This

While claiming chalk is murder is laughable, we’ve reached the point where we have to wonder if that is actually going to become policy.

The good news is that a sign saying that chalk is murder is being viciously mocked. The bad news is that it wasn’t understood to be satire.

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Other writers have covered the hysteria at Emory University over someone writing “Trump 2016” on the campus with chalk (see here and here). But this sign claiming chalk is murder shows just how seriously these college students take “micro-aggressions.”

The university actually offered students free “counseling” after the chalk messages appeared. Since hysterical people can sometimes be helped by counseling to learn to not by paralyzed by irrational emotions, I suppose that is appropriate. However, this story makes me think that the counseling was more likely to endorse the hysteria as rational.

That same story also claims that, “One student held a sign in the middle of Asbury Circle Thursday, satirically claiming chalk intimidates and can even kill.”

But the reporter doesn’t seem to have realized it was satire at first. And why would she? The term “micro-aggression” is aimed at interpreting speech as a criminal attack. Everything about the way the students and the administration are acting makes it clear they think a statement in favor of a certain political candidate counts as a crime that should be punished.

Twitter has erupted in a lovely hashtag campaign based on another hashtag, #thetriggering.

There are some hysterical tweets there, like this one:

Of course, the entire protest at Emory is premised on the idea that stopping illegal immigration and making sure that we don’t admit jihadist killers into this country counts as an attack on American citizens and legal residents. That not only makes no sense but could lead to a damaging outcome. It is going to make people wonder why some loud racial minorities are so eager to identify themselves with illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists. For all the faults he may have, Donald Trump has never suggested anything bad about minorities. (Neither has [score]Ted Cruz[/score])

It is simply mindless idiocy or malicious slander to say otherwise.

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