Central Banks Destroy Their Economies and Blame Sexism [VIDEO]

Japan is a stark example of how central banks destroy a nation’s productivity and then sell fairy tales on how to fix it.

CNN Money never acknowledges how central banks destroy the economy. Doing so would reveal that our Federal Reserve is on the same path. Instead, they come up with politically correct diversions from the actual problem.

Can Japanese women save the economy?

The question asked in the video doesn’t even make sense with their answer. While the role of Japanese finance policy is not even mentioned, the video does acknowledge Japan’s savage demographic winter. The nation has a declining birth rate and an aging population. For a nation drowning in debt, that can only make the situation worse.

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So what’s the obvious answer?

Duh. Have lots of babies! Yes, that won’t bring immediate relief. But you know what they say about planting a tree: The best time to do so was twenty years ago, but the second best time is today.

Of course, having babies doesn’t fit the narrative that CNN Money is pushing. Women can’t have babies by themselves. Men and women have to cooperate in the endeavor. And while there are a few women who might do both, most women are going to find that multiple pregnancies will slow down their careers. So they will need men for more than their procreative role in the process.

This is far too biological and traditional for our media culture. They pretend that more people competing for a dwindling number of jobs are the answer, even though it can only result in a further dwindling population.

Did no one at CNN Money notice how absurd and self-contradictory this propaganda is?

Remember back in the 1980s how Japan was considered an economic powerhouse? (If you’re too young, and don’t mind watching an R-rated action movie, you can gain a sense of the perception by viewing the first DieHard movie.) That turned out to all be an unsustainable bubble. Since Japan insisted on bailouts, their economy has never recovered. Again, central banks destroy their economies, sooner or later.

But was Japan more or less traditional in the eighties? If there weren’t more women in the workplace back then, how can that now be the key to saving the economy?

You’re not supposed to ask. Just believe what they tell you.

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