CENTCOM Lied To Make Us Believe ISIS Was Being Defeated

There have been many things said concerning ISIS over the last several months. The President said that they were scrambling. And that the group was frustrated, and that was why they had become more active. We have been told that the terror group was on the run. But, was this true?

I reported that it seemed that the group was anything but defeated. I also reported that the group was not shrinking but growing worldwide. But, the Obama administration and Hillary has continued the same line. They claim that the actions taken by the former Secretary of State and the administration were efficient and were defeating ISIS has seemed not to fit reality. We know now that it does not.

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According to a Joint Task Force Report

Based on its own investigation, the Joint Task Force has substantiated
that structural and management changes made at the CENTCOM
Intelligence Directorate starting in mid-2014 resulted in the production and dissemination of intelligence products that were inconsistent with the judgments of many senior, career analysts at CENTCOM. These products were consistently more optimistic regarding the conduct of U.S. military action than that of the senior analysts. Based on specific case studies evaluated by the Joint Task Force, during the time period evaluated by the Joint Task Force, CENTCOM produced intelligence that was also significantly more optimistic than that of other parts of the Intelligence Community (IC) and typically more optimistic than actual events warranted. Additionally, many CENTCOM press releases, public statements, and congressional testimonies were also significantly more positive than actual events.

What this means is that CENTCOM, the Central Command has been lying. They lied to the public in official press releases. They lied to Congress during hearings. They have ignore more senior and more experience analysts and have painted a picture of success.

The question has to be asked. What were their intentions?

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