Katy Perry

Celebrities Say The Darnedest Things: Katy Perry Edition


The ridiculous liberal angst that has slithered its way into the mainstream consciousness in the wake of Donald Trump entering the White House has become ultimately bizarre in recent weeks.

Of course, we were treated to the usual celebrity folly of Hollywood threatening to move to another country should Donald Trump be elected U.S. President by the citizens of America.  Just as predictably, none of these celebrities actually moved once the business mogul turned politician was sworn in.  Their words were simply another way in which they could cash in on current events in a pathetic attempt to stay relevant.

Then, like clockwork, came the “triggering” episodes, wherein liberals and their celebrity mouthpiece began blaming Donald Trump for their own fragile emotional states; a totally believable story seeing as celebrities are often some of the most grounded, down to earth people in existence.  (Yes, that was sarcasm).

Now, to add to the list of bizarre bashings of the President, Christian-singer turned floozy pop star Katy Perry is going on the offensive.

“Pop star Katy Perry — one of Hillary Clinton’s top celebrity endorsers during the 2016 presidential campaign — says Donald Trump’s victory brought back painful childhood trauma.

“’I was really disheartened for a while; it just brought up a lot of trauma for me,’ the 32-year-old ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ singer said in a cover story interview for this month’s Vogue magazine. ‘Misogyny and sexism were in my childhood: I have an issue with suppressive males and not being seen as equal.’

 “’I felt like a little kid again being faced with a scary, controlling guy,’ Perry added. ‘I wouldn’t really stand for it in my work life, because I have had so much of that in my personal life.’”
The self-righteous idea that celebrities’ words carry more weight than those of the American voting populace as a whole has been permeating our culture for decades, maybe centuries.  While public discourse and free speech are some of the most important and powerful tools of a free society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between truly meaningful discussions and the meaningless drivel of public figures such as Perry.
Not only is Perry a hyper partisan hack for Hillary, her carefully manicured image is being aimed by her handlers at a generation still too young to form their own opinions, let alone participate in our governing process.  These ridiculous statements prey on the malleable minds of the sub-millennial generation in order to indoctrinate them against conservatism – a truly disturbing turn of events for Perry, whose career started as a Christian recording artist using the name Katy Hudson.

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