Campus Carry

Cedarville University Arms Faculty to Celebrate Campus Carry Victory

It is, sadly, not all that often that the United States is bestowed with an opportunity to celebrate a victory for the Second Amendment.  Ohioans, however, were granted a stroke of luck this week.

The debate over the Second Amendment is, in and of itself, a silly one.  The Constitution is so unabashedly clear about the meaning, the reason, and the implementation of this basic American right that it seems downright sacrilegious to even consider restricting the language of the all-important document.  Yet, that is exactly what leftists and liberals have been doing for decades.  Their war against the right to bear arms is far from over, but there is cause to celebrate in Ohio this week as the state’s new campus carry law goes into effect.

“Beginning August 1, full-time faculty and staff possessing concealed carry permits will be able to carry guns for defense of themselves and their students at Cedarville University.

“The school is located at Dayton, Ohio, and late last week their board of trustees voted to embrace campus carry.

 “According to, Cedarville is a Baptist affiliated school that enrolls nearly 4,000 students for undergraduate, graduate, and online studies.
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“’University President Thomas White said school officials consulted with law enforcement and attorneys and got input from employees through a town hall meeting and surveys’ before voting to allow concealed carry on campus. The surveys revealed that ‘only 8 percent of [Cedarville] faculty and staff…did not want anyone to carry a concealed firearm a concealed firearm on campus.’”

“In the end, Board of Trustees Chairman Rev. Chip Bernhard said arming faculty and staff was simply the right decision for the school.”

Campus carry proponents have cited recent upticks in violence around the nation as one of many reasons to consider arming faculty and staff at our nation’s universities.  With an increasing worry about mass shootings, terrorist attacks, or drug related violence spilling onto campus, the possibility that students and faculty could protect themselves, by any means necessary, seems paramount to the safety of individuals who spend their days either teaching or attending classes.

Another argument for the concept of campus carry comes from the language of the Second Amendment itself.  You see, liberals constantly seem to forget that the amendment itself does not end with “except at [such and such]”.  Instead, the language is purposefully clear, to help avoid confusion.

The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

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