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CBS Tries ‘Gotcha’ Immigration Poll to Pester POTUS, Fails MISERABLY!

The manufactured rage of the mainstream media has become almost too commonplace for us to even register anymore.  It’s simply impossible to keep up with every nuanced pirouette of punditry that these spin doctors are cooking up.

Of course, the big story over the last few weeks has been immigration, thanks to inflammatory reporting and ridiculous rhetoric comparing ICE agents to the Gestapo or SS of Nazi Germany, and often referring to President Donald Trump as literally Hitler.

We’ve covered the reasons why this nonsense is damaging to our national psyche on several occasions, so we’ll spare you the lecture today.  Just know that we’re well aware of how ridiculous and offensive these claims are.

So, in an effort to sow discord among the masses in the name of great ratings, CBS took a swing at the President’s immigration enforcement with what could only be described as a “gotcha” poll, which hoped to exploit the emotional, bleeding heart rhetoric of their comrades in the mainstream media to make the Commander in Chief look bad.

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Spoiler alert:  It didn’t go so well.

A new poll published Monday by CBS News shows a majority of Americans support President Trump’s signature campaign promise: a physical wall along the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

According to the survey, 51% of Americans believe the President’s “border wall” is a “good things” regardless of whether or not the physical barrier could be properly “completed.”

48% of those asked said the construction of the border wall is a “bad idea.”

Once again, we find ourselves staring into the abyss of the mainstream media and their slanted take on global politics.

Furthermore, it is simply ridiculous to believe that the American people, who wholeheartedly voted for Donald Trump and his policies, are going to turn around and acquiesce to the media’s manipulative spin.  It didn’t work in the 2016 election, and it’s not likely to suddenly start working now.

This tedious and tawdry insinuation that conservatives should feel guilt, or be relegated to the status of second class citizen, simply because our President is following through on his campaign promises for which we voted him into office is asinine to the fullest degree of the term.  It’s the ugly reality of the left’s radicalization come to life, and it could very well lead to a threat to our very democracy.


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