CBS Takes Massive Media Hit As #FireColbert Trends on Twitter

Deep within the bowels of the liberal New Fascism movement, an anger unlike any in modern political history is fomenting.

The American left, who were deeply wounded by the embarrassing loss of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign, have shunned modern etiquette in the ensuing months, instead opting for outright hatred and vitriol in their quest to oppose and resist Donald Trump.

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Politcal protests and mudslinging are nothing new for the progressive cabals of our nation’s government, however, what is transpiring in America today is something completely out of the ordinary. The sheer hatred that is being expressed by these unbelievably sore losers is on a level unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  There has been violence.  There have been death threats against the President and his supporters.  There have be cries for anarchy.  And not just from the “black bloc” forces at the core of the liberal movement.

Just yesterday it was revealed that Hillary Clinton considers herself part of “the resistance” to President Donald Trump; a claim that certainly has a bevy of the Bernie Sanders faithful angrily laughing in her face.

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Now, even the usual entertainment-media suspects are getting in on the hateful action, including the often-classier Stephen Colbert, who took his entire anti-Trump ethos into the gutter this week with a homophobic slur that insinuates a “friendly” relationship with President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  The specific insult was heinous enough that many are calling for the ousting of Colbert himself.

[Be warned that the following excerpt contains strong language in an effort to demonstrate exactly how deplorable Colbert’s comments were.]

“While the establishment media yet again exposes its blatant bias against all things conservative by giving Stephen Colbert a pass for dropping ‘c**k holster’ on the President of the United States, #FireColbert has been trending on Twitter. In fact, on Tuesday, it reached the No. 2 trending topic nationally. But it’s not only pro-Trumpers promoting the hashtag, some in the LGBT community are also calling foul on Colbert’s ‘homophobic’ rant.

“And this is not the first time Colbert has made such a comment about Trump. Here he was a few months ago asking Trump, ‘What does Putin’s d*** taste like?’:

“Though many of the same folks in the media would be clamoring for a conservative’s head over such comments, particularly if directed at Barack Obama, most of them are shrugging it off or tying themselves into knots defending their fellow progressive. But social media is responding less sympathetically, including many from the LGBT community.

Newsweek, which attempts to paint Colbert as more of a victim than the offender in the situation, nonetheless admits that Colbert’s joke ‘has clearly caused offense among some in the LGBT community.’ One example Newsweek grudgingly provides is from openly gay author and journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept.

“‘Homophobia for the right cause, with the right targets, is good homophobia, apparently,’ Greenwald tweeted Tuesday.”

If we’ve learned anything from this latest Colbert debacle it’s that the liberal sense of hypocrisy is missing entirely from the modern requiem.  By using a homophobic slur, Colbert has certainly outed himself as an oxymoronic progressive with an agenda and an ax to grind.  Worse, however, is the willful ignorance of the rest of the lunatic liberals who are giving the derogatory and disgusting late night host a free pass, since he was, after all, disparaging leftist enemy #1 in Donald Trump.


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