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CBS Host calls Democrat Out for Lying about Russia

Isn’t it nice when a mainstream network journalist calls out a leftwing politician for openly lying?

Oftentimes these journalists seem willing to challenge Republicans on the most mundane topics or simply invent problems with the person in an effort to be confrontational. (Watch Jim Acosta’s antics in any White House press briefing.)

In the Sunday episode of CBS’ Face the Nation, host John Dickerson refused to allow California Rep. Adam Schiff to fear monger about Russia’s impact on our election.

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When Schiff tried to argue that Russian advertising on Facebook had swung the election in favor of President Trump, Dickerson argued that there was simply no evidence that this was true. When Schiff pressed forward saying that Facebook’s algorithm’s had created echo chambers that led to the prorogation of “fake news,” Dickerson calmly explained that Russia had no role in shaping those algorithms.

“That’s a Facebook problem, not a Russia problem. That’s a problem with their algorithm that keeps us all siloed in certain, narrow areas,” Dickerson explained to the congressman.

Like a dog with a bone, Schiff wouldn’t let the Facebook issue go. “There’s certainly a Russia implication because they use these algorithms to amplify misinformation or slanted information,” Schiff said, not realizing that anyone and everyone could (and does) use Facebook in this manner (including folks on the Left).

It was a this point that Dickerson stepped in and pointed out that one massive flaw in Schiff’s “sky is falling” narrative, namely that there is no evidence that Russia had any impact through Facebook.

“What’s the impact, though, of these Russian Facebook ads? I mean, is anybody saying that they had any influence on the election that changed the outcome in any possible way?” Dickerson even pointed out that the $100K spent “by Russians” hasn’t actually all been linked to the Russians, and that even if it was, “It seems a small amount to have done anything like that.” It certainly is a small amount. The two parties just spent BILLIONS of dollars on the last election and Adam Schiff wants us worried about $100K? It’s preposterous, and Dickerson doesn’t let Schiff get away with it.

We need more of this from the mainstream press if they ever want any hope of winning back our trust.

Here’s the video:

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