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CBS Employee Has “No Sympathy” for Vegas Victims Due to…

It has taken less than a day for the ugly, despicable rhetoric of the left to invade the discussion surrounding the Las Vegas massacre of last night.

During a country music concert by megastar singer Jason Aldean, a man by the name of Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32rd story of the nearby Mandalay Bay report and casino.  Paddock was loaded to the gills with ammunition and weapons, killing at least 58 people and injuring over 500 more over the course of his attack.  Paddock was found deceased of a self inflicted gunshot wound when police entered his hotel room.

Already, we have seen ignorant and insensitive tweets from the likes of Hillary Clinton, erroneously claiming that a silencer would have made Paddock’s firearm undetectable, and, therefore, far more deadly.  This transparent attack on the NRA was widely lambasted by Americans of all stripes who understand explicitly Clinton’s uncouth motives for chiming in.

Now, yet another social media post emanating from the left has We The People rightfully angry, this time coming from a member of CBS’ legal counsel.

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“A senior legal executive at CBS viciously lashed-out at the victims of Sunday night’s deadly massacre in Las Vegas, saying she felt ‘no sympathy’ for the fallen because ‘country music fans are often Republican gun toters.’

“The woman, identified by the Daily Caller as Hayley Geftman-Gold, posted her despicable comments on social media just hours after a lone gunman shot and killed over 50 people on the world-famous Las Vegas strip.

“’If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing,’ she wrote on Facebook, referring to the Sandy Hook shooting of a Connecticut elementary school. ‘I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.’”

This could very well be one of the most heinous reactions to a mass tragedy in our nation’s history, and the affiliation between Geftman-Gold and CBS will certainly create an issue of reliability for the left-leaning organization.

Geftman-Gold’s observation about the crowd’s political makeup has been noted by several journalists already.  While the motive for Paddock’s actions remain unclear at this time, his targeting of young republicans who make up a majority of country music’s fanbase could be quite telling as the radical left continues their push for a New Civil War in this nation.  Looking back to the horrific attack on a republican baseball practice in June, which was committed by a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer, and the long list of Antifa-related crimes that have been ongoing for months, it is quite believable that Paddock could be simply the latest deranged liberal out to eradicate the American conservative population.

Paddock’s motives are not yet known.

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