Catholic School Being Sued For Barring Same-Sex Date to Prom

It seems now that with all of the suits being filed and won against Christians, an easy target has been discovered. It is almost a foregone conclusion that if a Christian or a Christian organization does not kowtow to homosexuals, they will have to pay, at least financially.

This is probably the motive behind the incident with an all-boys Catholic school in Tennessee.

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Christian News reports

A Roman Catholic high school in Tennessee has been sued for $1 million after it prohibited a homosexual student from bringing a boy as his date to the school dance.

According to reports, last September, all-male Christian Brothers High School (CBHS) student Lance Sanderson asked for permission to bring a male student from another school as his homecoming date.

The request was denied because the school does not allow boys from other schools to attend their proms. This is the policy. Sanderson assumed that this policy was being used by the school to exclude him.

So being the young radical homosexual actives, he plastered the episode all over his social media. As a result, he was suspended for a week.

The spreading of the event made Sanders less than popular among the student body, and he was made to feel unwelcome. the Sandersons subsequently decided that it would be the wisest thing for his safety and emotional health for Lance to finish his senior year at home.

Now, they want compensation.

Christian News continues

Sanderson went on to receive his diploma and now attends college, but is suing for $1 million over “severe injuries and damages which include, but are not limited to disability, past and future emotional distress, past and future medical expenses, and personal care services, and these damages are either permanent or continuing…”

Translated, this simply means that Sanderson got his feelings hurt. Lance just does not know how to get over not having his way.

The sad thing is that he will probably win.

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