Catholic School Criticized for Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust

WWII was a dark and evil time.

The Nazis in Germany were killing the weakest among them and hunting Jews for particular abuse. The Holocaust saw at least 6 million Jews (perhaps as many as 9 million) murdered, and at least 11 million innocents executed by the Nazis. The death of so many innocents should break everyone’s heart and while the Holocaust stands out as a remarkable evil in our world’s history, it is not the only evil our planet has ever seen.

A Catholic High School in Canada is making waves for daring to argue that abortion is a holocaust on par with the evil committed by the Nazis.

Last month the Ecole Secondaire Notre Dame in Red Deer, Alberta, showed a pro-life video to their older students. The video they showed was the Case against Abortion: Personhood which was created by the American pro-life group Abort73.

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About 75 seconds into the anti-abortion video, it draws the controversial parallel: a piece of paper fills the screen, stating, “…abortion, infanticide, and the euthanization of the disabled, elderly or infirm can all be justified. Of course, we’ve seen this before.” It then cuts to the word Auschwitz, a reference to the Second World War Nazi death camp. The next 40 seconds of the video are about the widespread killing by the Nazi regime.

Alberta Education Minister David Eggen said in a statement that his office was made aware the video was screened and contacted Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools “to share [the] government’s deep concern.”

“Let me be clear, there is no place in a publicly-funded school for a video comparing the horrors of the Holocaust to abortion,” Eggen said.

Local government and school officials argued that the comparison is not “acceptable,” and it seems that the regions Catholic schools have agreed. The schools have asked the pro-life group to adjust their future presentations to remove such comparisons. However, the schools will continue to teach that abortion is a moral wrong and that it should be abolished.

Here’s the thing.

If abortion is the evil that the Catholic schools believe, then it is NOT inappropriate to compare the holocaust of abortion to the holocaust of the Jews. In fact, the inappropriate comparison would be to compare the holocaust of WWII to the holocaust of abortion.

In the United States alone, since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, 60 million children have been aborted.

That number does not include the children murdered in Canada, Europe, and the rest of the Western world. If abortion is murder, and I believe it is, then abortion is the greatest Holocaust in human history and pro-lifers should openly and unabashedly proclaim it as such.


Onan Coca

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