The Case for the ‘Never Trump’ Movement

Since 2008, the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency has hovered over the American people like a specter. What we got in 2008 was arguably worse than Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama is an ideologue whose aim is to tear apart the very fabric of what makes us American.

President Obama wants an America where the federal government has more control, more power, and more dominance over every aspect of our lives. I actually believe he thinks it’s for the best. He sees capitalism and the “American way” as obstacles to a better society.

Hillary, however, is not an ideologue; she’s a sociopathic chameleon. For evidence of this, look no further than her alleged evolution on gay marriage that just so happened to coincide perfectly with public polling.

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There’s no sugarcoating the fact that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be an unmitigated disaster. However, what of a Trump presidency? No one knows; but there’s plenty to go on.

“Never Trump” is a growing movement among conservative leaders and voters that emerged from the idea that we, as conservatives, should no longer continue to vote for the lesser of two evils. We cannot simply submit and comply with whatever trash happens to be the nominee.

Let’s not fool ourselves, Donald Trump isn’t just trash, he’s bottom-of-the-bag garbage juice that drips on the floor when you toss the bin. He’s a nasty, narcissistic, egomaniacal, statist bully, who has been on every side of every issue (sometimes more than once). He lies like he breathes, and has absolutely no problem smearing anyone who dares cross him. He’s frighteningly ignorant with regard to actual policy. Possibly his most disturbing trait is his complete and utter lack of intellectual curiosity. Donald Trump is the mean, dumb jock from every high school movie ever–except in this scenario, there’s no heart of gold hidden beneath the cruelty.

I will not vote for Donald Trump. Not out of petulance, not because “my candidate” didn’t win (should Cruz not prevail), but because I can’t have that on my conscience.

I rarely disagree with Mark Levin. However, on his radio show Tuesday, Levin hit a nerve:

“If you believe Hillary Clinton is virtually as off her rocker, left-wing socialist as Sen. Bernie Sanders, if you believe that Hillary Clinton is in part responsible for the rise of ISIS, and…Benghazi, and what’s taking place in Libya…then how the hell could you take any steps–passively or affirmatively–that would put that woman in the Oval Office?

How could you do it under these circumstances, as bad as the Republican may be? How could you stay home and allow that? Or worse, how could you vote for that? That’s a disgrace, an absolute disgrace. So you duke it out in the Republican primary process. You duke it out Republican convention…But you do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Or you don’t not stay home. ‘Wah, my candidate isn’t nominated,’ and let the left elect their favorite candidate. Not in this election. That’s my view.”

Levin called those who would stay home and not vote on November 8 “fakes,” and “buffoons.” He said those who would not vote for Trump in the general are “frauds” who are “not conservatives.”

On the contrary.

Those who vote for Donald Trump in November (should he win the nomination) are the real buffoons. They’re the real non-conservatives. They’re the real frauds. Believe me, a Hillary Clinton presidency scares me to death, but casting a vote for someone like Donald Trump scares me more.

I will never vote for Hillary. That’s certain. But to argue that Republicans who wouldn’t vote for Trump in the general election are frauds? That’s beyond the pale. Donald Trump is not, nor has he ever been, a conservative. He’s a leftist wearing a poorly sewn ideological mask.

To lend my active support to someone who has so badly disfigured the face of conservatism would be tantamount to treason.

If it comes down to Clinton and Trump, I won’t have either on my conscience. I’m not going to point the gun at my heart because I have a slightly better chance of survival than if I point it at my head.

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