The Case for Conservative Optimism Even for Cruz Supporters

Contrary to the loud cries of lamentation there is reason for conservative optimism in the rise of Donald Trump.

Conservative optimism is important. We have an opportunity to destroy an evil political dynasty and we should put our full efforts into it. We can’t do that if our hearts are filled with despair.

But is despair justified? I don’t think so. I am speaking especially to fellow supporters of [score]Ted Cruz[/score]. There is a case for conservative optimism that far surpasses disappointment over his candidacy’s end.

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Because only a few short months ago everyone was saying that this guy was the Republican front runner.

While the Clinton dynasty is striving for power, the Bush dynasty is gone, perhaps forever. Jeb Bush was beaten. Utterly.

But there were several alternatives to Jeb, including

  • Chris Christie
  • [score]Marco Rubio[/score]
  • John Kasich
  • [score]Lindsey Graham[/score]

Maybe it seems like those people had no chance, but that’s because you have forgotten how things used to work. Think back to 2008 and to 2012. We were forced to support [score]John McCain[/score] and then Mitt Romney if we were to vote Republican. They were creature of the establishment and the only good thing about them was that they were not the Democrat nominee. Yet they were our only option.

The system of Republican donors and consultants gave us those candidates and we had every reason to believe that same thing would happen this cycle.

That system is over. It is broken. And that is a good thing.

So as much as you may have conservative convictions that Donald Trump was a bad candidate, he saved us from worse.

Arguably, Trump also helped Ted Cruz. The establishment hated Cruz but they were forced to endorse him (sort of) because they hated Trump more. Their support was too lukewarm and too late to make a difference, but we can hope that will be remembered. The establishment needed Christian conservatives.

If you have a moment take a brief stroll down memory lane and listen to a Republican strategist predict that Jeb Bush would be president.

In my opinion the Trump train derailed the status quo. I think that is an overall improvement. We have made progress.

So now let’s worry about Hillary.

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