Cartel Gunmen Storm Border, Bring Gruesome Violence into Texas

While lawmakers in Washington D.C. continue to stymy President Trump’s vision for a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, drug cartels are bringing their brand of violence to Texas.

U.S. border security was one of the main focuses of Donald Trump “contract with America” during the 2016 presidential campaign, with an physical wall being the cornerstone of his proposed policy.  Since his inauguration, however, the democrats and other members of the so-called “resistance” have been working overtime to prevent the President from fulfilling those promises, effectively denying the American people the presidential politics that they demanded by refusing to elect ultra-liberal career criminal Hillary Clinton.

Not only would Trump’s border wall prevent undocumented workers and illegal aliens from entering our company to exploit our economy without paying taxes, but now, a new threat from south of the border is inundating Texas with a signature, bold brand of violence.

“Two cartel gunmen fleeing from a raging gun battle with Mexican authorities ran through U.S. border security measures twice as they crossed into Texas and back; using their vehicle to ram barriers. 

“The cartel gunmen were able to cross into Eagle Pass through International Bridge #2 by running the security checkpoints. Shortly after they crossed back through a second bridge that was closed at the time. The gunmen used their vehicle to ram security barriers and later ditched it escape on foot. 

“The violence began overnight near the rural community of Nava, Coahuila, when authorities received information about two gunmen riding in a late model white Toyota Tundra, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Coahuila law enforcement revealed. “

Mexico’s cartel-induced lawlessness has been a major concern of Texans and other border state dwelling Americans who have been keeping up with the gruesome and grisly goings-on in Mexico.

These horrific cartels have also been emboldened in recent years as the U.S. moves toward a wholesale legalization of marijuana, traditionally an enormously profitable cash crap for these violent pushers.  Now, desperate to recoup the losses endured by America’s pot renaissance, the cartel warlords are growing even more ruthless in their actions.

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