Cartel Drug War Takes Over 70 Lives in Weeks Long Texas Battle

While President Donald Trump struggles against an army of “resisting” liberals opposed to his proposed border wall, men and women are dying at an alarming rate in the cartel drug wars.

The horrific actions of the Mexican drug cartels has been well documented in graphic, often grisly detail.  These maniacal narcotic regimes are famous for their gruesome violence and ruthless nature, stringing up body counts, and bodies, all over the border towns of Mexico.  This has been a prime concern of the American government, as much of this violence has been crossing our border with our besieged southern neighbor, infiltrating Texas, New Mexico, and the like.

Now, new statistics are emerging from the latest front in the cartel wars, and they are absolutely frightening.

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“REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — The raging cartel war for control of this city resulted in at least 74 officially-counted murders. Many more victims have been incinerated just south of the Texas border.

“In early May, Breitbart Texas began reporting on rival factions of the Gulf Cartel fightingfor control of this border city. The continuing conflicts resulted in convoys of cartel gunmen roaming the streets looking for their rivals.

“Overnight, cartel gunmen dumped a bloodied corpse with a posterboard where one cartel factions threatened their rivals. Bodies with warnings had not been seen previously in Reynosa. However, they are commonplace in Ciudad Victoria and in the border state of Nuevo Leon where Breitbart Texas has been reporting Los Zetas and other cartels are also carrying out massacres.”

These enormously effective and evil organizations are literally taking entire cities in order to expand their empires.

This is precisely why Donald Trump and other conservatives have been clamoring about a more secure border between the U.S. and Mexico.  The level of heinous violence being perpetrated south of the border will find its way into Texas, Arizona, and other American locales if we do nothing – as the leftists are suggesting.

Furthermore, Mexico’s recent legalization of medicinal marijuana will certainly hamper the efforts and the coffers of these notorious narcos, creating an environment in which their tactics will turn even more abhorrent as they struggle to maintain their paydays.  The violence will surely escalate, making for an even more dire situation than when Trump campaigned on border security.

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