Carson Continues the Push For Trump In Iowa

For months, we have heard that it is not about electing Trump. The election is about not allowing Hillary Clinton to win. They tell us that there is way too much at stake to not vote Trump for president.

The direction of the country is at stake. The next Supreme Court Justice is at stake; possibly up to four. We have to set aside our differences and Trumps ethical troubles and vote against Hillary. And this is the same story we are getting from Ben Carson.

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Breitbart reports,

The world’s greatest pediatric neurosurgeon and a former GOP candidate for president told Breitbart News he feels the country coming around for Donald J. Trump because of his stands on the issues.

“The election is not about Donald Trump, it is not about Hillary Clinton, it is about the direction of the country,” said Dr. Ben Carson, who is campaigning in Iowa as a surrogate for Trump.

For Carson, it is a battle between traditional conservative and liberal progressive. He thinks that the fight comes down to what we have seen in the last four years and what we as Americans want to see.

Breitbart continues,

President Barack Obama won Iowa in 2008 and in 2012, but this year the state is going for Trump, he said. “People are starting to recognize the implications of putting another progressive in the Oval Office.”

Carson believes that based on the policy of Obama, Iowans will reject Clinton.  Only time will tell if this is true.

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