Carnage Across the World as ISIS Carries Out Deadly Attacks. Is The Worst Yet to Come?

Over the last week the evil villains at ISIS have carried out a series of violent attacks across the Muslim world. In Istanbul, DhakaBaghdad, Yemen, Syria, Kuwait, and Lebanon the violent Muslim terrorists carried out heinous atrocities against people who share their religious beliefs. ISIS supporters have also recently carried out attacks in Orlando and France over the last month.

ISIS promised an uptick in terror attacks during Ramadan. The Baghdad assault came just days after massacres at a cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, and security targets in Yemen. There have also been recent suicide attacks at a border crossing between Syria and Jordan, and suicide attacks in a Christian area of northern Lebanon.
Earlier this month, a gunman shot up a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people, and an attacker killed a police commander and his partner in France.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Bangladesh, Jordan and Yemen. Experts believe the group might have conducted the attacks in Turkey and Lebanon.
As Ramadan draws to a close the world waits with bated breath, worried about what the terrorists might have in store as the Muslim holiday comes to an end.
The latest outburst of violence took place in Baghdad, Iraq where ISIS massacred at least 125 innocent people, including 25 children.
A suicide truck bomb ripped through a busy shopping district in Baghdad Saturday night, killing at least 125 people, including 25 children and 20 women.
The strike in the Karrada neighborhood left at least147 people were wounded.
Families had been gathering hours after they broke the fast for Ramadan and prepared for Eid al-Fitr — the day that marks the end of the holiday this week.
As people congregated, shopped and watched soccer matches, the bomb-laden truck plowed into a building housing a coffee shop, stores and a gym. Firefighters rescued wounded and trapped people in adjacent buildings.


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