Be Careful Little Camera What you Record

There are many instances of people being recorded when they don’t know it. The FBI, Police and Tabloids do it all the time. Public Schools have you sign a permission form at the beginning of the year that allows them to tape, record or take pictures of your child. Social Media is filled with recordings that were not necessarily authorized by the person in them.

In this age of smart phones , security cameras and handheld devices, you can pretty much guarantee that you are on video somewhere if you leave your house. For that matter even in it. I still remember the day I was startled to find our then 5 year old recording me in the shower on her iPad.

My point is that the term “confidential” has taken on new meaning. Unless of course you work for Planned Parenthood. Apparently, recording them doing the evil they do is felonious. David Daleiden can confirm that. He has just been charged by the Attorney General of California with 15 felonies.

In 2014 and 2015 David and Sandra Merritt made recordings showing Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups selling organs from aborted babies.

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Planned Parenthood tweeted: CA Attorney General filing criminal charges sends a clear message — you can’t target women & health care providers without consequences.

2 Things: #1 PP targets women  #2 Calling yourself a health care provider is despicable, and the day will come when you finally have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Clearly Planned Parenthood only thinks that they are innocent until proven guilty. For that matter even when they are proven guilty consider themselves innocent and have Government Support. After all, they are only trying to help women.

So it begs the question: If you see someone breaking the law, which clearly is what David recorded happening, do you just go back in your house and ignore it, or do you call 911 then take out your phone to record the illegal behavior so the police can have indisputable evidence. But then you have to wonder who they will use it against: the robber, rapist, murderer, etc. or the citizen who wanted to be sure the criminal didn’t slip through the cracks?

Welcome to America- Now don’t forget to get a media release from the guy who is stealing your lawnmower.

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