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CAPITOL CHAOS: Protester Clashes with POTUS After Breaching Security

A tense moment unfolded at The Capitol just minutes ago as President Trump was heading to a lunch meeting with House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The pair was set to discuss the upcoming tax reform bill the the President hopes to introduce and push through congress before the holiday break – a tight deadline for a sweeping piece of fiscal reform.  Such ambitious action is not new to this President, who rode into office on a pile of plans that have taken every ounce of his energy in this first year as Commander in Chief.  Unbeknownst to Trump, however, an angry liberal was lying in wait to ambush the President as he sauntered through the highly secured Capitol Building with McConnell.

“The protester, who some reporters have identified as Ryan Clayton — the president of Americans Take Action — began yelling from within the press gaggle before throwing Russian flags on the floor as Trump passed.

“’Trump is treason,’ Clayton yelled. ‘This is not about tax reform!’

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“It is unclear how Clayton was able to make it into the press area–he would need valid press credentials in order to get past Capitol security.

“’That’s a very unusual breach of decorum for us to experience here,’ MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt said.

“Andrea Mitchell confirmed, ‘the president was walking down the corridor right off the Senate floor on the second floor of the Capitol, one of the most secure places in Washington. We saw something we’ve never seen here before.'”

Clayton has a bit of a history of outrageous behavior, especially when it comes to the lunatic liberal conspiracy theory regarding Russia’s influence on the 2016 presidential election.

In an earlier stunt, Clayton was forcefully removed form the 2017 CPAC conference after again utilizing Russian flags to push the absurd theory that President Trump is somehow a Kremlin operative who was elected to the highest office in the United States.

While no one was injured during this afternoon’s fiasco, Clayton’s ability to saunter about The Capitol unmolested is worrisome to say the least.  President Trump, given his unconventional political nature, has become a target for a number of deranged democrats over the course of the last year, with numerous incidents in which Secret Service have found themselves exposed and outwitted.


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