Brett Kavanaugh

Capitol Barriers TRAMPLED by Outrageous Left Wing Mob

As the fury over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s possible appointment to the Supreme Court rages in Washington, some protesters have taken things a bit too far.

For weeks, the nation has been gripped by the saga of Brett Kavanaugh and the allegations laid against him…some far less credible than others, but all salacious nonetheless.  The timing of the entire affair has certainly been suspect in many minds around the country, and, after an FBI investigation and nine hours of senate testimony dedicated to the subject, we are approaching the final vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the highest bench in the land.

This has the left’s most vocal protesters out in force, some paid, others there by their own free will.  Some of these liberal agitators have now smashed the safety barricades at the US Capitol, and are invading the east stairs.

With riots being threatened should Kavanaugh’s confirmation occur, the mood is certainly tense in the DC Swamp.


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