Canucks Take to Streets To Protest Trudeau, Stand With Trump

Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may just be one of the world’s most liberal leaders in 2017, and Canadians are not thrilled about it.

The young leader, whose boyish good lucks have inspired massive adoration amongst millennial female voters in Canada, has been on the left side of pretty much every other world leader in existence in his short time in office.  While some of what Trudeau has been positive from a libertarian standpoint, (like his push to legalize marijuana by 2018), most every other move he makes is a direct slap in the face to conservative Canadians, including a recent piece of legislation that makes the criticism of Islam a crime.

Now, after terror attacks have gripped the world in recent weeks, the Canadian conservative uprising has begun, as 5,000 proud Canucks marched against Trudeau’s policies this weekend.  Their ideal fit for a leader?  None other than U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

“A group of up to 5,000 Canadian citizens marched on Canada’s capital on Saturday in support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s conservative agenda and against the liberal agenda of their own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

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“The marchers gathered to protest the country’s spiraling tax rate, its recent attacks on free speech, and the government’s wild over-spending, Daily Caller reported.

 “Event organizer Mike Waine, who called his march the ‘Million Deplorable March’ in emulation of the name Hillary Clinton made up for Donald Trump’s supporters, said he is annoyed that PM Trudeau gets a free pass from the Canadian media.”
Given the American liberals’ massive, violent demonstrations against Donald Trump in recent months, it is absolutely heartwarming to see our Canadian compatriots take up the cause in their own nation after sensing such lopsided media coverage and leftist sentiment.
Just Trudeau, who truly was a novelty candidate during the Canadian elections, has been on an unprecedented progressive tear through Canada, attempting to recreate our northern neighbor in his own leftist image.  Much like Obama in the United States before him, his liberal ideology and extremely ignorant views on radical Islam have turned much of the nation against the Prime Minister, citing a need for strong leadership and the end to political correctness.
Trudeau would do well to listen to the complaints of these 5,000 constituents.

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