“You can’t do this to us!” Trump just hit the liberal media where it counts

Newspapers depend on advertising revenue to earn a profit. If they have no news to report, they lose money. Trump just punched them in the gut…

Let’s begin with a premise: the news media is declining in influence.

The Internet is rapidly making them irrelevant. Their quarterly financial reports and declining circulation continue to prove this.

The news media is liberal, and they hate Trump. Yet he draws them like moths to a flame. They have been mesmerized since before he was elected President. In fact, they probably helped to get him elected. They provided him practically free news coverage. Every time he opened his mouth and made some outrageous remark, they were there.

They kept thinking that he would finally say something so outrageous that he would lose supporters. He only kept gaining them.


The liberals are blind. They think everybody deep down identifies as a liberal in their heart of hearts. As it turns out, most people despise the idea of transgender public bathrooms. Yet they think everyone will be outraged that Trump reversed Federal support for this ridiculous idea.

Who really wants boys in the bathroom with their daughters?

Since getting into office, they’ve only been hostile to him. He repeatedly claims they are producing fake news. Fake news is harmful to the public. So, Trump has refused to call on established agencies during press conferences, like CNN. He lectures them in front of the entire media room. “You’re fake news.”

Last week, Trump launched the next wave in his escalating war against the hostile press…

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