You Can’t Be Both a Liberal AND an American at the Same Time

Liberals live in America, but they don’t love America. So, it’s not a surprise that they have an affinity for law breaking illegal aliens. After all, liberals don’t care about our laws or our sovereignty any more than transient illegals who come to the U.S. only to use it for its freebies and welfare, or to get a job to make a quick dollar to send back to their home country.

These transient illegals don’t have any more interest in being an American than liberals do.

So, when liberals fight for illegals, understand that they are doing so not out of love, but hate. Indeed, the modern Democrat Party is the biggest hate group in American history.

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Today’s liberals are all about hate. They hate democracy, they hate the Constitution, they hate white people, they hate capitalism, they hate democracy, they hate republican government, they hate religion, they hate the family structure, they hate guns, they hate history, they hate freedom of speech and liberty… in short they hate everything about the U.S.A. and you can’t love a place that you hate so thoroughly.

In fact, the only thing they love about America is their assumption that they can “do whatever they want,” a concept they treat with licentiousness and wanton instead of the virtue and probity the founders hoped Americans would observe.

It might seem a natural progression, this party now having drifted to its logical extremes. Born of a hate for the equality of negroes, the Democrat Party morphed into a party that hates America itself as the nation struggled with the post Civil War reconstruction era.

As the 1890s dawned, liberals (who then called themselves progressives, a name they have picked up again recently) decided that the America of our founders was evil. In their view it was created so that rich, white guys could keep minorities and the middle class out of affecting the government. All the airy proclamations of freedom and liberty espoused by the founding generation was a knowing ruse mouthed only to hide the fact that they were secretly scheming against we, the people. Yes, “progressives” — who are today’s modern liberals — were the original whacked out American conspiracy nuts.

With that premise in mind, destructive activists like historian Charles Beard, education “reformer” John Dewey, and racebaiters like W.E.B. Du Bois set about to undermine and destroy the American ethos and smear the founders as false prophets.

This didn’t all happen in a vacuum, granted. These American left-wingers were all signing onto the basic precepts of socialism as espoused by European thinkers such as Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, and the other high profile bringers of the destruction of the old order. Socialism, Nazism, Fascism, and Communism (they are all essentially the same with no meaningful differences) were all the rage at the turn of the 1900s. Intellectuals imagined that they could “perfect” humanity through their greater intelligence applied with science.

The latter, most especially, is why the U.S. had to change as far as these people were concerned. For one, the industrial age brought new problems to bear on society that they felt the old American way could not address, but more to the point, the founders viewed human nature as a fixed quotient. Individual humans could change, certainly, but humanity as such was immutable. The founders agreed that people were mean, self-centered, stubborn, and prone to violence on the whole. They were naughty by nature not “basically good at heart,” as liberals then and now imagine.

The founders built their whole philosophy on the fact that we must build a government with the knowledge that the angels of our better mercies were often shackled by a venal human nature.

But, liberals rejected this utterly. Not only do they imagine that man is perfectible, they have also come to feel that killing anyone who disagrees with that premise will bring us closer to that perfection — and in the end rather proving the founders’ point, wouldn’t you say?

In the end, liberals may live in America, but they cannot BE American and stay liberal at the same time. They reject the American ethos of equal rights based on an immutable human nature, they oppose the idea of people deciding for themselves how to lead their lives, they stand against any system grounded in the sanctity of the rule of law, they despise constitutional originalism, and they reject a republican form of self-government.

So, when you hear Democrats today argue their positions, realize that it is all based on hate. They don’t want you to have the freedom to control your own life. They consider themselves “experts” who are smarter than you and should tell you how to conduct your life. They think you are just clay for them to mold and you should shut up and let your betters control your life.

But, I plead with you, America. Don’t sit back and take this crap from these communists who have been proven wrong over and over again by the blood of more murdered human beings than from any other ideal (yes, even more than religion). Fight back. Take a hand at dismantling, discrediting, and destroying liberals. They aren’t just “another party.” They are an enemy to this country almost as much as ISIS would be.

Fake news is their tool. Your enslavement is their goal.

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