Canadian Ambassador TACKLES Protestor in Dublin [VIDEO]

The Canadian Kevin Vickers is already an action hero to his countrymen; now he is being cheered for taking action in Ireland.

Americans who watch this video of the Canadian Kevin Vickers will probably wonder why we never see this quality of man in our political class.

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According to CBC News,

Canada’s ambassador to Ireland, the man hailed as a hero for shooting Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau after he stormed Parliament Hill in 2014, tackled a protester at a ceremony in Dublin Thursday morning.

Kevin Vickers, the former House of Commons sergeant-at-arms, was at the event commemorating the 100 British soldiers who died during the Easter Rising, also called the Easter Rebellion, when Irish republicans tried to overthrow British control of the country by force.

A male protester, wearing an Easter Rising T-shirt, stood up during the invitation-only event and could be heard yelling, “This is an insult.”

Vickers was the first to respond to the disturbance, tackling the man and leading him away from the ceremony. Police later arrested the protester.

“This man just ran forward and started screaming, ‘It’s a disgrace.’ He was tackled by somebody and it was only after that I realized it was the Canadian ambassador,” an unnamed eyewitness told the Irish Independent.

I suppose some will object to an alleged violation of free speech. Frankly, I’m somewhat sympathetic to Irish independence but no protestor’s rights were violated. Interrupting an official memorial service is trespassing. The participants in the ceremony were the ones who had their rights violated by the protestor.

Furthermore, all Vickers knew was that a man was charging the group wearing the jacket. He could have easily fitted handguns and magazines under it. According to the story, “The British MI-5 recently raised the threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism from moderate to substantial, adding there is a ‘strong possibility’ of an attack from ‘dissident’ Irish republicans.”

Canadians seem, once again, to find Kevin Vickers impressive. Many Americans probably agree. At a time when protesters in America seem to feel free to disrupt political speech or even traffic, many want to see their representatives stand up for them. That is one reason the media’s attempt to blame Donald Trump for the violence against him has failed.

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