Candace Owens’ Twitter Suspension PERFECTLY Exposes Reverse Racism

We are living in a land of linguistic layers that the world may never have seen before.  Instead of simplifying our language to ease our everyday effort, we are making nuanced changes to the very way we describe each other.

This is especially prevalent in our prevailing PC culture, where political correctness is often considered more valuable than correctness.  We have allowed all the people access to the morphology of language, and things are spiraling a bit out of control.  For instance, science no longer dictates gender, at least in the language.  We have separated that language from its basis in order to mutate it to our own, individual liking.

There are, in some circles, up to seventy gender pronouns in 2018.  Do you know what it’s called when you give everyone their own word?  It’s called a name.  Just use people’s names, and quit trying to make me try to remember two names that I have to call you.

So, in this PC culture, we also have to deal with a little thing called “reverse racism”, where, instead of advocating for equality, the liberal left is hoping to advocate for revenge.  After the New York Times was accused of hiring a reverse racist editor, Americans were furious, not being able to understand why white people are exempt from the negative effects of hate speech.

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In response to this, Candace Owens re-tweeted the offending parables of this New York Times publicity stunt-hire, only she replaced the “white” parts with other ethnicities.

She was immediately suspended from Twitter.

Twitter suspended conservative commentator Candace Owens on Sunday for imitating New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong’s anti-white tweets, but restored Owens’ account access following a backlash on social media.

Owens, the communications director for conservative activist group Turning Points USA, on Saturday sent out a pair of tweets quoting Jeong’s anti-white statements — which did not earn her a Twitter suspension — but swapped out the word “white” with “Jewish” and “black.”

Twitter on Sunday suspended Owens’ account for 12 hours, citing her tweet about Jewish people as a violation of Twitter rules.racism

Do you feel a difference when you read this sentiment attacking the two different ethnicities?  Should you?

That’s the question we truly need to ask ourselves:  Is it the language that’s important, or is it how we treat one another in the land where all are created equal and free to pursue their own happiness?

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