Cancer Patient Mocked by Liberal TV Show Host Finally Gets an Apology… and More!

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Yesterday we brought you the story of Kyle Coddington, a young man diagnosed with Stage-4 glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer who was mocked by a liberal TV show for having the wrong kind of haircut and being at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

TBS’ Samantha Bee ran a video from CPAC wherein Kyle, and other young men, were mocked for having “Nazi-style” haircuts and being at CPAC. Kyle’s haircut isn’t one he chose though, it’s one that has been forced upon him because of his cancer treatments.

After hours of silence and a lot of negative publicity Bee finally apologized for the insensitivity of the video by posting this message to Kyle’s sister’s Twitter page.

The apology is weak, but Bee (and her show) also donated $1,000 to Kyle’s GoFundMe page where he was raising money to help pay for his medically related expenses.

Then on Friday morning, Kyle had the opportunity to appear on Fox & Friends to speak a little bit more about the situation and his cancer. Kyle told Fox & Friends that while he agrees that Bee’s apology didn’t seem sincere, he very much appreciated her donation to his fundraiser. He’s actually a registered Democrat who’s a political moderate and not a conservative at all. Sadly, Kyle also told the hosts that his diagnosis is quite serious as there is no known cure for his condition.

Even with the way this entire situation unfolded and the news of how serious Kyle’s condition is, there is a silver lining. Yesterday, when the entire story began to unfold Kyle had raised about $5K to cover his medical expenses but today after all the publicity from the ugly video, he’s up to almost $85K! Hopefully, the money he raises from his newfound fame will be enough to help Kyle live comfortably and enjoy the time he has with his family and friends.

You can give to Kyle’s GoFundMe page here. 🇺🇸

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