Canadian Healthcare: Donald Trump was Right and This Canadian Proves It (VIDEO)

Donald Trump warned against “single payer” by describing the Canadian healthcare system… accurately.

Naturally, the media tried to make this statement about the Canadian healthcare system into a xenophobic attack rather that a warning against government healthcare. As if he was attacking Canada as a country!

But here’s one Canadian’s reaction:

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From The Rebel:

The [Fraser] Institute claims over 52,000 Canadians sought medical treatment abroad in 2014, up from 25% the previous year. Average wait times from general practitioner to treatment are 18.3 weeks and that’s just for ten specialties with orthopaedic surgery having the longest average wait times of 35.7 weeks.

In Alberta, we have the largest healthcare system in Canada with an average wait time of 21.1 weeks.

The worst consequences that come along with wait times like we have in Canada is they can result in chronic conditions becoming irreversible.

Another misconception about the Canadian healthcare system is that it’s free. In yet another report released by the Fraser Institute, it shows the average family spends $12,000 on healthcare insurance yearly.

That’s because Canadians spend thousands of tax dollars yearly for a system that’s rife with issues, including long wait times, lack of technology and advanced services.

Against this, you have the mainstream media pretending to “fact check.” Give me a break. These are the same people who don’t think that veterans dying on waiting lists is an important story. These are the same people diligently endeavoring to say as little about collapsing Obamacare as possible.

It you trust these people to “fact check” anything you are stupid and deserve what you get. That won’t be much comfort to me as I watch my family forced into “single payer,” but it will be justice for you.

Seriously, other than huge, way overpriced national monuments (“We put a man on the moon…”), what has the government ever accomplished that was so great? If we’ll let our veterans die, imagine what we’ll do to mere middle class Americans.

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