Canadian Cannabis: Trudeau Pushing For Legal Marijuana by 2018


As the worldview of cannabis continues on its dramatic shift toward acceptance, yet another first-world nation is mulling its legalization.

This time around its Canada, the polite American neighbor to the north.  Spurred on by increasing studies about cannabis’ effect on opioid abuse and the tremendous economic impact of legal weed, Justin Trudeau’s liberal Canadian government is pushing a bill into the legislation that would legalize marijuana use for Canadians, going into effect as early as 2018.

“The Canadian maple leaf may soon get another leafy friend. Canada’s Liberal government is poised next month to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana, CBC first reported Sunday. Under the bill’s provisions, the drug could be legalized by July 1, 2018, nicely coinciding with Canada Day.

“It’s one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s  most controversial campaign promises — but one that helped his Liberal Party capture the youth vote and propel it to victory in the country’s 2015 elections.

“The federal government will oversee the supply and license producers, but provinces will regulate the drug’s distribution, sale, and prices. There will also be a limit of four plants per household. The national age for buying marijuana will be 18, but provinces can boost the age limit as they see fit.”

In America, seven states have legalized the use of marijuana outright, and over 30 states have either decriminalized the drug or made it available with a prescription.  In states such as Colorado, where weed is completely legal for medical and recreational use, there has been an incredible economic windfall from the taxation of the plant.  This financial boom has been a leading factor in others locales’ plans to legalize.


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