Canada Sends Troops to U.S. Border To Greet Asylum Seekers

As migrants continue to flood out of the middle east, nations around the globe are being forced to come up with new ways to handle them.

Most news regarding these asylum seekers comes to us from Europe, where the EU has foolishly installed mandates for its member nations in order to relocate the maximum amount of migrants possible.  These mandates have been adopted in a majority of these member nations, specifically in France, Germany, and England, where the massive influx has led to a dramatic uptick in radical Islamic violence.

ISIS and other terror organizations have long admitted that they are utilizing these mandated refugee intake numbers to spread their violent supporters around the European continent in order to commit heinously violent acts in the name of jihad.

Now, halfway across the world, refugees that have already landed in the United States are again looking to move.  The immediate sensical choice is for these folks to head toward Canada – a fact that has not been lost on authorities from the north.

“Canadians soldiers are being deployed to St-Bernard-de-Lacolle to erect tents for asylum seekers attempting to enter Canada from the United States.

“Almost 100 troops will be used to set up the camp site, which will consist of ‘modular tent shelters with lighting and heating and may temporarily accomodate close to 500 people,’ Department of National Defence spokesperson Evan Koronewski told CTV Montreal in an email.

“‘The Canadian Armed Forces is aware of the difficult situation that is requiring significant resources of Canada Border Services Agency, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other partners in the area of St-Bernard-de-Lacolle,’ said Koronewski.

 “Assistance from the Canadian Armed Forces was requested to support the civilian authorities of the Government of Canada to temporarily accommodate asylum seekers at the border. With roughly 250 asylum seekers arriving in Montreal from the United States every day, more facilities are being opened to house them.

“The tents were necessary because by Wednesday there were 700 people waiting at the border to be processed as refugee claimants, waiting on benches — on the floor — to be seen by officials.”

In Europe, such fluid border policies have drawn the ire of at least three EU member nations.

Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have all vowed to halt the intake of middle eastern refugees to their countries, citing the safety concerns that come along with the increased rate of intake.  Given the recent uptick in European terrorism, this latest move comes as no surprise.

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