Canada Refuses 13-YR Old with Down’s Syndrome but Takes Thousands of Refugees

Eight years ago, we all heard Barack Obama point to Canada and the United Kingdom as examples for his healthcare system. Both nations have had nationalized healthcare for years and both nations are facing economic issues with their national healthcare systems.

We have a work associate who lives in England. She was born and raised there. She began having severe abdominal pains. She went to her assigned doctor who only performed a few tests and told her it was heartburn and to take antacids. The abdominal pains only got worse and she ended up in the hospital. After nearly a year, the doctors finally diagnosed her as having gall bladder problems and said she needed her gall bladder removed.

Anyone who has ever had gall bladder pains know that they can mimic the pains of a heart attack and severe enough to incapacitate a person. From the time the doctors told her she needed to have her gall bladder removed to the time they finally did remove it, was over 7 months. For 7 months, Helen lived in agony, afraid to eat anything for fear of the pain until their nationalized healthcare system finally took action.

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Now we hear reports that Great Britain’s healthcare system has been forced to reduce its coverage and increase charges where they apply. Sound familiar? Less healthcare for more money? This is the healthcare system Obama wanted Obamacare patterned after.

Canada’s healthcare system isn’t much better. We have friends in Canada who brag about their national healthcare system and how great it is. They don’t pay for most of their medical services, but their national taxes for healthcare are much higher than ours.

That was before they told us about how their national healthcare coverage now covers much fewer prescription drugs than it used to. Many of the prescription medications now come with a cost. Perhaps that’s why a number of Canadians have been reported as coming south across the border to the US to obtain some of their needed medications.

Canada’s great healthcare system is so wonderful that it has led to our northern neighbors denying residency to a 13-year-old boy solely because he has Down’s Syndrome and would be a ‘burden to the national healthcare system.’

According to a recent report:

“Felipe Montoya, an environmental studies professor at York University in Toronto, has lived in Canada for four years with his family and paid taxes. He, his wife and two children applied for permanent residency with Citizenship and Immigration Canada three years ago; their previous home was in Costa Rica, according to the report.”

“Recently, however, the Montoya family said they received a letter from the CIC denying their family residency because their son has Down syndrome and could be a burden on the government. The agency estimated 13-year-old Nicolas Montoya’s special education would cost up to $25,000 per year, the report states.”

“Now, the whole family may have to move.”

“‘We consider it to be in contradiction to the charter for many reasons, and we think that it’s based on outdated views of so-called disabilities and that it needs to be looked at again and brought up to date,’ his father said in a telephone interview with The Star.”

The denial of residency to the Montoya boy is an example of the hypocrisy of liberal politics. Canada just made a grand announcement that they would gladly take any and all refugees and immigrants denied entry into the United States due to President Trump’s immigration executive order.

Fortunately for the Montoya family, Canada eventually reversed its decision and decided to allow the college professor from Costa Rica and his family to remain in Canada and obtain residency.

However, why was the country so quick to deny residency to one family with a Down’s Syndrome child and yet blindly accept thousands of refugees and immigrants, some of which could be terrorists in disguise?

They criticize Trump for discriminating because of religion and/or ethnicity and then discriminate against one boy because of his genetic defect. Isn’t Canada just as guilty of being as discriminatory as they accuse President Trump of being?

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