Canada Poised to Beat The United States to Approved Pot Prosperity

When it comes to the fight over legalized Marijuana in America, there are some truths that our nation must learn to face in order to reap the full potential of the new green gold rush.

First of all, we have to realize just who silly pot prohibition truly is.  We’re talking about allowing the government to outlaw a known, medicinal plant simply because of some racist misconceptions from the nearly a century ago.  How many other bits of racist legislature have we left on the books for as long?  (Spoiler alert:  None).

Secondly, we must understand exactly why the plant is still illegal…and it has nothing to do with its effects on the mind.  That propaganda is purely childish, and even the most strict teetotalers know deep in their hearts that their argument against marijuana isn’t exactly valid.  Besides – alcohol prohibition only lasted 13 miserable years, and those who chose to not drink alcohol in our modern society certainly don’t have to fight for their choice.  Rather, they choose to simply abstain.

Last, but certainly not least, we have to recognize that the reason for the widespread illegality of marijuana is that it threatens a great many wealthy industrial magnates whose business models would be decimated by marijuana’s wholesale legalization.  Pharmaceutical corporations will scramble to find ways to keep patients addicted to their narcotics in the face of possible replacement by cannabinoids – which themselves have been proven time and again to be non-habit forming.  Furthermore, the hemp plant, which is also inexplicably illegal in America, would completely change the manufacturing landscape of our nation, ushering in new money where the old money currently sits.

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So, through the abuse of high dollar lobbyists and special interest groups, Canada looks poised to beat the United States to the realm of pot prosperity – an embarrassing and disappointing turn of events.

Canada will be thrust even more directly under the international microscope on Thursday, when a vote in the Senate is expected to ratify Bill C-45, effectively making Canada the first G20 nation to legalize recreational marijuana.

“It’s going to be a bit of a science fiction experience for a while,” said Benedikt Fischer, an expert on substance use at Toronto’s biggest psychiatric hospital. “It’s unique in the world, because it’s happening for the first time in a wealthy country. It’s not like in the US, where there are these state experiments. Most people kind of ignore Uruguay. And so the world is really looking at this.”

Governments, researchers and business leaders around the world all have their own reasons for keeping tabs. Legalization could affect Canada’s crime patterns, health and countless other factors – but exactly how, no one yet knows.

Each Canadian province plans to roll out its newly legalized market in a slightly different way, creating about a dozen mini-laboratories within one massive test case.

It’s important to remember that, even if you aren’t a fan of smoking marijuana, you can still support the idea of legalized weed.

You see, the sheer economic impact of legalization has been proven time and again in locales where lawmakers saw the errors of the past and are now living in a  new realm of dank dinero.

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