Canada Creates Criminal Charges For “He”, “She” Semantic Mistakes

There has been a long, strange campaign in progressive circles to ensnare the vote of the nation’s transgendered citizens.

Make no mistake, this sudden concern surrounding the transgendered community has very little, if anything, to do with the rights of American citizens and everything to do with political leverage in upcoming elections.

During the presidential campaigns of 2016, then-President Barack Obama took it upon himself to declare a sweeping change to the safety of our children’s public schooling.  The President, who was tasked with protecting American citizens from harm, shirked that duty in one of the most vile of ways, threatening to defund our nation’s public education system if they didn’t obey one brand new rule that he was rolling out.  That rule?  Every restroom and locker room in every public school in the nation would be accessible to both men and women, based only on an arbitrary declaration by that person stating that they “identified” as a particular gender.

That’s right:  An 18 year old high school senior male could “identify” as a female and saunter into any space in the school that was normally a place of privacy for women.

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It was dangerous and delusional, but it was for a purpose:  By aligning himself with the thousands of Americans who believe that they are “trans”, the President was simply securing votes for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.  The former President’s absurd decree regarding pubic school bathrooms came at a time when many political experts were bracing for an embarrassing run for Hillary, staring down an American conservative uprising and a plethora of skeletal remains being torn asunder from the Clinton closets via Wikileaks.

Now, Canada has taken a page out of Obama’s book, and is wooing liberal voters with their own asinine legislation regarding the intersex population.

“Canada passed a law Thursday making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training.

“Canada’s Senate passed Bill C-16, which puts ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ into both the country’s Human Rights Code, as well as the hate crime category of its Criminal Code by a vote of 67-11, according to LifeSiteNews. The bill now only needs royal assent from the House of Commons to pass into law.

“’Great news,’ announced Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister. ‘Bill C-16 has passed the Senate – making it illegal to discriminate based on gender identity or expression. #LoveisLove.’”

While there are certainly instances around the world in which transgendered human beings are being slighted and oppressed, these pieces of legalese from former President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau are certainly doing very little to erase those concerns.

In Canada and America, people of fluid gender identity have far fewer problems than they would in other nations around the world.  While equality is important, especially to the ideals of the American Dream, there is a large chasm between allowing everyone equal opportunity and propping up every fringe section of the population to a level playing field that they themselves are not truly prepared for.

Furthermore, these two liberal leaders are rewarding these tiny portions of the population with minor, minor victories, while ignoring the costs and dangers of their policies.  Enforcement and litigation in relation to Canada’s legal precedent could be absurd as lawyers began to interpret what constitutes harassment based on accidental appearances, while in America, young women are being educated in vacuums of fear that have enabled evil men to overstep their bounds once again, undoing decades of work towards women’s rights.

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