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Can we Trust the Mainstream Media?

Lindsey Graham said it best, [to the American press corps] “When it comes to Trump, you are over the top.  You are acting more like the OPPOSITION party.”  He went on to say, “…I think the coverage against President Trump has been almost to the point of being hysterical.  And you need to do some self-evaluation…”

Wow!  Honestly, I didn’t expect such a straightforward response from Graham.  But, it touches on how the overwhelming majority of Americans are processing what we are seeing displayed in MSM today.  The MSM is acting like an opposition party…their partisan slip is showing as, even some of the most elite media sources, are becoming more like gossip columns rather than a source of credible information.

One of the purposes of a Free Press is to inform the populace with the understanding that an informed populace will not be an enslaved populace.  But, what happens when those charged with the incredible responsibility to keep the rest of us informed begin to read like a gossip column?  When MSM becomes tethered to a political party, are they still Free?  Do they still have the right to claim Freedom of the Press?

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