Can Trump Fix the Political Madness of the Liberal Left?

America is importing people from many nationalities and regions to the tune of political correctness all for the sake of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is the belief that all cultures are the same and should be placed on equal footing and for all to tolerate their values. The strongest proponents of multiculturalism don’t believe it is valid but also don’t want to be considered condescending to people of developing cultures.

There are people coming into our culture with a religious and cultural propensity to commit terrible acts of hatred and revenge against Western Civilizations. This seems to be rooted in politics and religion. Like it or not, the madness is here.

November 28th of this year at Ohio State University saw an example of this madness. A Somali-born Muslim, inspired by ISIS, named Abdul Razak Ali Artan, began his rampage. He rammed his car into a group of students with the intent to kill and injure as many as possible and then immediately attacked the victims with a knife, injuring 11, before being shot to death by campus security.

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An employee of Ohio State, shortly after the attack, started calling for sympathy and compassion for the attacker and lamenting over his death, referring to him as a “Buckeye”, and “member of our family”.

She also commented that he was taken out too quickly.

Yes, it is unfortunate that he felt the need for violence. But this is also an example of the reckless refugee resettlement policy that our politicians are embracing and pushing for more than ever. He was brought here legally as a sponsored refugee by Catholic Charities and I’m sure properly enrolled at OSU. But he apparently never felt like a Buckeye or an American.  No one is thinking through this process of bringing people here to our culture where they get a culture shock since life here is so different from their own. He was an alien here and became a potential time bomb ready to explode given the right circumstances or reasons. He was not one of us having a sense of American values and love for its people for helping him with this opportunity.

This is only one of the many incidents of violence we have seen from the reckless resettlement policy that our current government has. Those in power have come to believe what they have been preaching and the madness of multiculturalism and diversity has affected their policies. Immigrants from other cultures and mindsets are not expected to blend in like those who came from other countries were expected to when our country was beginning. People came from other countries and were expected to blend into the American culture, learn our language and be patriotic to this new country and their new home. Those expectations no longer apply.

The elite, like left-wing politicians, educators, and celebrities, feel that we need to open the flood gates to people who are foreign and alien to our values and way of life as well as openly hostile to America and all we stand for. Those with this distorted mindset feel that national security and sovereignty must be sacrificed for the sake of globalism and to prepare for a borderless world. Ironically, or should I say hypocritically, many of those same politicians, educators and celebrities live in sheltered and protected homes and work in protected establishments. They say one thing yet live the opposite.

Hopefully with the election of Donald Trump and a Republican Congress we will see a change of policy and a more secure America if Trump can succeed in closing and protecting our borders and stopping the reckless refugee acceptance program of our current administration.

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