You Can Thank Karl Rove and Obama for Judicial Tyranny

Karl Rove, George W Bush and Obama loaded the lower courts with judicial leftist tyrants.

Let’s start with Karl Rove. Rove lead all communications in the George W Bush White House. George W Bush never deviated from Karl Rove’s awful advice. Rove advised George W Bush who didn’t deviate from Karl Rove’s counsel. It’s the spirit of bipartisanship.  It’s getting along to go along, which is GOP Establishment code for giving the Marxists Democrats every single thing they wanted. Instead of fighting Democrats, Rove decided to give Democrats any judicial tyrant they wanted on the court.  In the spirit of bi-partisanship, Bush allowed the Democrat Senators to choose their own justices.  Isn’t that just wonderful?  How nice and bi-partisan. So now we have hard core liberals dominating the lowers courts. They have upheld everything from Gay Marriage to giving Democrats anything they want.

Karl Rove paved the way for Barack Obama to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Karl Rove provided the gasoline and Obama showed up with matches and a plan to burn it down.

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The immigration ban is just the tip of the iceberg. Democrats have scores of lawsuits in the pipeline opposing Trump.   This was all planned with Obama ahead of time before he left.  They will be playing this game for eight years. They will go against him on all fronts.  No matter what Trump proposes, there will be a lawsuit.  We will see this replay over and over again.

The Karl Rove Chorus of Establishmentarian weasels will continue to whine.

You will hear endless hand wringing from Establishment Republicans and their mouthpieces on Fox News and The Wall Street Journal tell Trump to stop fighting this.  We’ve heard how this is hurting poll numbers.  We will hear how we need to move on to bigger and better things. These hacks will never stand up.  I don’t think Trump will take this sitting down.

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