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Can Donald Trump Overcome His Problem with Women?

Without going 100% psychobabble it must be very clear Donald Trump has a problem with women.  He speaks of them vindictively, embarrassingly, and in a way that sets off internal fire alarms.  “Something is very wrong with this man!”

Even Donald’s remarks about Rosie O’Donnell, who most will admit is obnoxious, having built a career on it.  She said some nasty thing about Mr. Trump and he just cannot get over it.  His dust-up with Megyn Kelly was ridiculous, as the questions should have been expected, but Mr. Trump acted as if he were shocked, hurt and expected to fire back, “for effect” as they say in all the sea war movies.  The lady was only doing her job and as a fine lawyer, former Supreme Court clerk and practicing criminal lawyer made of iron, she was on the verge of tears with “The Donald’s” response and his continued tirades that she has no talent, is not a journalist and more!  She is not a journalist.  She is a show anchor, presenter, interviewer and good at it.

Mr. Trump has had three marriages and all to stunningly beautiful women who were largely models, coming from a class normally thought of as not particularly bright, but that is an erroneous concept.  Many are very well accomplished academically.  It seems that when God or genetics hands out the goodies, He, She or It, occasionally slathers one with the whole bucket.

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While we could accuse Mr. Trump of being bad at marriage having had three wives, it is easy to imagine that is taste in stunningly beautiful women resulted in pairings with high-maintenance types that need constant reassurance they are “The most beautiful woman in the realm.”  And, while Donald has a multi-million Dollar project coming apart at the seams, he is not in a mood for lady games.

Few realize that being very rich means having to deal with many people all the time regarding your business, toys, health and responsibilities.  Having a lot of money does not solve anything; it just gives you a more fashionable set of problems and a lot of new “friends” who all want some of your cash.  It can turn out to be a great curse and one from which you cannot let go for fear of looking like a failure which crashes your commitment to excellence and success.  No man of accomplishment will ever settle for that!

Donald Trump was sent to military school when his businessman father felt he could not deal with, or serve him, properly.  Very rich, accomplished men are often bad fathers for lack of contact or involvement so overwhelmed are they with “the business.”  The prototype mogul man gets up before dawn, is gone before anyone is awake in the house and returns at 11 PM when the kids are all asleep.  On weekends he may play with the kids, but he is always distracted and they feel like burdens to him.  These are men who never relax and we who have worked for them can confirm that fact, but America needs them nonetheless.

Donald TrumpMr. Trump is having his hour as a reflection of what America knows it needs: A man focused on the fact that America is at a critical point.  No great empire has ever lasted more than 250 years.  We are 240 years old today and have a national debt that cannot be repaid unless the next three generations are willing to pay double the taxes we have paid and angrily complained about all our lives.  The alternative is collapse, empty store shelves, hungry people, unspeakable crimes for food and water, a dark age.

Is it possible for one man to lead us from this darkness?  Can he capitalize on the fact that we are only 4.5% of the world’s population, but fed half of it, until we started wasting 40% of our corn crop on crappy ethanol fuel that destroys the engines in which it runs?  Can we teach the world how to get out of poverty, despotism and despair as have we in our good decades?

You do not need a Ph.D. in economics to know that we cannot print money with no basis. If you were a kid growing up in the Corn Belt you knew that getting a corn crop “sealed” and getting a “chit” for it gave you the right to draw on it for a certain number of Dollars.  That money had a basis.  The money we are spending today has none.  It is just that simple.  These are things a man like Mr. Trump knows intuitively.  His hiring of a man is not an act of charity.  He plans to make a profit on his work.  He does and the man is better off.  Is that wrong?  It has been our economy, our wealth and our great success.

Mr. Trump has also mastered the executive function in a way no man in politics ever will.  His task was to find the best person for the job and he has perfected that skill to a legendary degree.  He will assemble a Cabinet like no other.  The men there will have the skills, not necessarily the connections.

Donald Trump comes to us with a prickly set of flaws, but a needed set of skills.  Those who are a threat to us will fear him and not dare to attack us from within, the open door created by decades of bad policies by both parties.  The success of Mr. Trump will have to be the success of America while that will in turn be in his hands should be President.  For once in history the power is in the people.


Adrian Vance

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