Can Donald Trump “Drain the Swamp”?

Can Donald Trump “Drain the Swamp”?

Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) hopes that president-elect Donald Trump can do it, but from what he’s seen, it isn’t very likely.

“I got involved in politics in the 1970s, and my goal was to ‘drain the swamp, and every year since then, Republicans or Democrats in charge, the government always got bigger!

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I think he has a great idea, and there is a lot of enthusiasm. But there are a lot of names being thrown around that aren’t exactly the kinds of individual that will change things.

There is also the Deep State, the invisible government, the shadow government, the military-industrial complex, the financial industry, the Federal Reserve. It is so big and powerful!

He might be very sincere, and he might try to get good people, but the job may be overwhelming. But what I have suggested is so far, I haven’t seen the kind of individual that will really do the job. That’s where the real challenge is.”


Dr. Paul explains that even for someone who is sincere about fighting back against government expansion, government corruption, and government malaise the job is just too big for one man or woman. If we truly want change in Washington, D.C. it will take a larger national movement and many more political leaders being willing to take on the task of reining in the government.

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