Has The United Methodist Church Completely Abandoned Scripture?

It is hard to think that the denomination that was founded by John Wesley and his brother Charles would ever come to such an end. And though there were many things these men and their followers espoused that I would disagree with, they were men of the Word. So, when we see The United Methodist Church (UMC) allowing more and more of the culture determine what is pleasing to God, one should wonder where it will stop.

Now as the UMC gathers for its General Conference there is a push for the denomination to make even more changes.

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The Dispatch reports

A handful of Methodist leaders in central Ohio is among the more than 100 clergy members and clergy candidates who publicly came out on Monday as having gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or other orientations that are in defiance of the United Methodist Church’s rules governing sexuality.

The group of 111 came out in a “love letter” to the church on Monday, a day before the denomination opened its 10-day general conference today in Portland, Oregon, where issues of sexuality will be debated by 864 delegates from around the world.

So, for the denomination that has allowed women pastors and openly LGBT members, these and others are calling for even more laxity in UMC rules. They will not stop until the church condones their actions. They claim that the way things are set up now is restrictive and damaging.

The Dispatch continues

Rev. Laura Young of Westerville, who said the denomination has left clergy members no choice but to make a public statement.

“The United Methodist Church urges us to hide our light under a bushel basket, and God calls us to shine our light brightly,” she said. “The don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy is damaging to a person’s soul, and we can’t allow it to go on any longer.”

It seems that the way a person feels now has more weight in matters of morality than does the Bible. The UMC, has no real ground to deny the request. If there is no problem living as LGBT and being a member in good standing, why not the pastor?

Once we jettison the authority of Scripture as our rule of life, we have no legs to stand on to stop ungodliness.

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