Campus Snowflakes in Pennsylvania Want to Do WHAT To Police?!

College campuses have undergone an incredibly disturbing transformation over the course of the last 9 months, all thanks to the musings of the radical left.

At one time in American history, higher education was considered a trying and difficult time.  You prepared yourself for long nights of studying, difficult testing, hands-off professors who wouldn’t babysit you, and the fact that you would be subjected to ideas and opinions that challenged your own.  College was to be a journey of educational enlightenment, as well as a powerful introduction to the harsh realities of the adult world.

Now, however, our college campuses have been reduced to unoffensive daycare plans for bratty millennials who have fallen under the spell of liberalism.

Not only are our young adults being coddled at an ever-increasing rate, but campus itself has been sterilized to the point of bland banality.

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In Pennsylvania, this sentiment has allowed students to take the idea to an unfathomable extreme, as the University of Pittsburgh is fielding wild demands from their young population.

“University of Pittsburgh students are demanding that school officials disarm all university police while banning “city cops” from campus entirely.

“According to The Pitt Maverick, members of the school’s Fossil-Free Pitt Coalition and United Students Against Sweatshops presented a list of 15 demands to Chancellor Patrick Gallagher during a Friday protest.

“‘We demand…that the university agrees to cancel student debt and employ free tuition.’    

“’Chancellor Gallagher, in the political climate we’re forced to inhabit, our university cannot stay silent on issues that affect our community,’ the ultimatum states, giving Gallagher until the 2018 academic year to address the demands. ‘To do so would be to stand in opposition to those of us in the Pittsburgh community [who] are vulnerable to classism, racism, [and] gender-based violence.’

“While the demands center mostly around financial and diversity issues, one demand requests ‘that all campus cops [be] disarmed and that city cops [be] banned from campus,’ even though other universities, such as the University of California, Berkeley, have increased security on campus in the wake of violent Antifa protests.

In addition, the students demand that Pitt ‘divest its financial holdings in fossil fuels’ and take ‘a firm stance against private prisons’ by acknowledging any ‘investments or connections’ that Pitt has with the industry and terminating them.”

Obviously, the students involved in the drafting of these demands have yet to experience some key pieces of their economics and civil liberties curriculum.

The audacity of these young people to believe that their 19 years on this planet qualifies them to make sweeping demands of the university is arrogance incarnate.  While that may sound blunt, this is precisely the sort of lesson that one would learn during their time in higher education, should these schools not be inundated with this sort of trivial “social justice” nonsense.

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